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Owner/Pilates Instructor

Kasey's background in movement began in musical theatre, which she started at the age of four. She continued to dance, act, and sing throughout her childhood. Her fondness for the arts led her to New York City where she graduated from the reputable "Circle in the Square Theatre School" on Broadway.
After graduation, Kasey briefly worked professionally before realizing she missed the physical demands of training. She was introduced to Pilates and fell in love with both the physical challenge and of the mind/body connection. She pursued her training, took an anatomy course, obtained her Stott Pilates certification as well as an injuries and special populations certification,  and continues to educate herself to better help others. Kasey's goals are to help people get their everyday movements back who have lost them, to help strengthen the person who has specific and intense physical training needs, or someone who just wants to personally grow. Pilates is truly for everyone, and she is thrilled to be bringing a pilates studio in her home area that she loves.



Personal Trainer/ Yoga, Barre, Dance Instructor

Kelly holds a B.F.A. in "Jazz Dance Performance" from the University of the Arts in Pennsylvania. She is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, qualified in Total Resistance Exercise (TRX), and has completed her 200 Hour Yoga Certification through "Corepower Yoga". Kelly's passion for teaching has led her around the world, from the cruise ship industry to country clubs and fitness centers, to competitions and dance studios. She has experience teaching a wide variety of classes, ages, and levels. Kelly believes that there is healing power in movement both physically and mentally as she enjoys sharing her passion for movement with others, Her goal is to educate, support, and empower her students as they build strength, flexibility, and balance in her classes and personal sessions

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Energy Flow/ Meditation Teacher

 Kurtis has been studying and practicing meditation for almost a decade. He first started when his son was born, searching for life answers and looking for a way to better himself. 
"I ran across a meditation book that claimed to have an answer to my issue, so I decided to put it to the test. I am so happy I did, meditation completely changed my life."
His brain scans have shown that it is now completely different. He had his first brain map done in March of 2015. The results were astounding. It showed extreme hyper-coherance, and off the chart brain amplitudes exceeding 700 microvolts! (brains operate between 50-100 microvolts). He was able to turn the amplitudes off and on like a dimmer switch! He will help guide and move you through the process in these private sessions.



Pilates/Barre Instructor

Originally from Lakeland, Kimberly has spent the past 16 years in California. While there, she took her first Pilates class and was immediately drawn to the mind and body challenge the practice requires. Soon after that first session, Kimberly became certified through Body arts and Sciences rigorous comprehensive program and has been teaching for the past 14 years while also raising her 4 children. Approaching the work from an athletic mindset, she loves to test clients abilities through all aspect of strength, mobility, and balance. As well as her Pilates certification, Kimberly is also a qualified Barre and TRX instructor.